403(b) Program

QUESTION: Do you work at a public university or university hospital?

OPPORTUNITY! If so, you probably have a great opportunity: Access to a 403(b) retirement account. 

But when it comes to retirement and investing, does any of this sound like you:                                       

  • You would like to feel more confident about your retirement program
  • You're busy and lack the time to study investing
  • You're not an expert when it comes to making the right investment choices

HAVE TIME? Like most of us, you’re probably busy at work and home, so finding the time to educate yourself about investments is tough to do and planning for the future is more complicated now. It’s hard to stay on top of everything.

HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THE INVESTMENT PROCESS? Some people want to know a little – others want to know a lot. Because everyone is different, we work with you to find your comfort zone so that you can confidently get on with your life. This approach can be especially attractive for busy people.  

HOW CAN CWM HELP? We have an active investment management program and it’s available to participants of many 403(b) investment platforms including those at major universities and university Hospitals.

Our goal is for our clients who are participating in the program to feel a newfound confidence in their investment plans because they know they’re getting the attention they deserve, and so are their retirement accounts.

We work hard to preserve your investments so that you can capitalize on a growing economy, and have some confidence in a shrinking one. Because there are potential opportunities even in the worst of times, we keep our eyes and ears open for you no matter what the economy is doing.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Because our service is automatic, someone watches your portfolio, makes changes for you, and you don't have to do a thing after enrollment.  Easier still, your money stays in your current plan, meaning you avoid pages of paperwork and red tape. 

We’re ready to help you move forward with an intelligent, thoughtful, investment program.

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