02 April
FREE WEBINAR: Maximize Your Social Security Benefits? Tips and Strategies for Retirees


Discover how to safeguard your retirement savings by obtaining valuable insights and strategies that may help you make informed decisions to receive the most out of your hard-earned benefits.

Don't Miss Out on These Insights:

💡 Social Security and its role in providing retirement, disability, and survivor benefits

💡 Eligibility requirements for Social Security retirement benefits, including age and work history

💡 Explanation of full retirement age and how it affects your benefit amount

During this 40-minute session, we will cover crucial considerations and developments to Social Security benefits, such as:

✅ Discussion of how Social Security retirement benefits are calculated based on your earnings history and work history

✅ Overview of how to estimate your future Social Security retirement benefits using the Social Security Administration's calculators

✅ Exploring the impact of early retirement on Social Security benefits and strategies for maximizing benefits

✅ Explanation of spousal benefits and how they work, including eligibility requirements and how they can affect your retirement income

✅ Discussion of how working while receiving Social Security retirement benefits can affect your benefit amount

✅ Overview of other Social Security benefits, including disability and survivor benefits, and how they can help protect your financial future

Don't let common misconceptions derail your financial security. This is your unique opportunity to prepare for the future and safeguard your hard-earned benefits.

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Date and Time

Tue, Apr 02, 2024

7:00p - 8:00p EST


This is an online presentation. Join us from the comfort of your home, view on your computer or phone!


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